Former Post-docs

Yiyu CaiPost-doc 2019-2023Asst Professor, Macao University of Science and Technology
Leo Tianshuo ZhaoPost-doc 2020-2022Asst Professor, The University of Hong Kong
Mingliang ZhangPost-doc 2014-2019Professor, Southeast University
Chenjie ZengPost-doc 2017-2019Asst. Professor, University of Florida
Hak-Jong ChoiPost-doc 2017-2019Korean Institute of Machinery and Materials
Nuri OhPost-doc 2016-2018Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Hanyang University
Pil Sung JoPost-doc 2014-2016LG Electronics
Young Jae ShinPost-doc 2014-2016Brookhaven National Lab
Taejong PaikPost-doc 2014-2015Asst. Professor, School of Integrative Engineering at Chung-Ang University
Ji-Hyuk ChoiPost-doc 2011-2014Senior Researcher, Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources
Aaron FafarmanPost-doc 2010-2013Professor, Drexel University, Philadelphia PA
Sung-Hoon HongPost-doc 2011-2013ETRI Senior Researcher, South Korea
Guozhong XingPost-doc 2011-2012Associate Lecturer, University of New South Wales, Australia
Tae Kwon LeePost-doc 2010Ajou University Lecture Professor
Paul FrailPost-doc 2009Lead Technologist SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions

PhD Degrees Awarded

NameDegree EarnedLocation
Henry ShulevitzPh.D. in Electrical and Systems Engineering, 2023Electric Boat
Steven NeuhausPh.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, 2022Optical Systems Engineer, Apple
Austin KellerPh.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, 2021Micron Technology
Qinghua ZhaoPh.D. in Chemistry, 2021Applied Materials
Han WangPh.D. in Chemistry, 2020Applied Materials
Jiacen GuoPh.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, 2020
Leo Tianshuo ZhaoPh.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, 2019Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania
Daniel StrausPh.D. in Chemistry, 2018Postdoc, Princeton University
Eric WongPh.D. in Physics, 2018Machine Learning Scientist, EchoNous
F. Scott Stinner
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, 2017
Seren Industrial Power Supplies

Wenxiang Chen
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, 2017Postdoc, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Nicholas Greybush
Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, 2017
Postdoc, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
Ed GoodwinPh.D. in ChemistryPhiladelphia Water Department
Yuming LaiPh.D. in Electrical Engineering 2014The Dow Chemical Company
Soong Ju OhPh.D. in Materials Science 2014Asst. Prof., Korea University
Marjan SaboktakinPh.D. in Electrical Engineering 2013Postdoc, The University of Denver
Wenting LiPh.D. in Chemistry 2012Patent Agent, Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox
David KimPh.D. in Materials Science 2012MIT Lincoln Lab
Sangam SaudariPh.D. in Materials Science 2011Device Design Engineer, Global Foundries

MS Degrees Awarded

NameDegree EarnedLocation
Winston PelosoM.S. 2023Thouron Scholar at the University of Cambridge
Pengjia ChenM.S. 2023MSE PhD Student at Northeastern University
Abhimanyu RoyM.S. 2023
Qiwen XiaoM.S. 2023
Dhruval ShahM.S. 2023Analog Devices
Xiao ChenM.S. 2022Ph.D. Student at The University of Cambridge
Chuyan ChenM.S. 2024Dual Nanotechnology and MCIT MS student at the University of Pennsylvania
Ali Us SaqibM.S. 2023MSE Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania
Kun XueM.S. 2019
Peinan ZhouM.S. 2019
Martin SarottM.S. 2018PhD Student, ETH Zürich
Guannan LiuM.S. 2018PhD Student, Yale University
Ming-Yuan ChuangM.S. 2018
Vishal VenkateshM.S. 2018
Derrick ButlerM.S. 2017PhD Student, Penn State University
Jingsong MengM.S.
Yao YuM.S.PhD Student, Northeastern University
Niaxin SongM.S.PhD Student, University of Pennsylvania
Prashanth GopalanM.S. 2015PhD Student, University of Utah
Chawit UswachokeM.S. 2015PhD Student, Cambridge University
Zhuqing WangM.S. 2014PhD Student, Penn State
Hangfei LinM.S. 2014
Shang-Chien ChenM.S. 2014
Li XieM.S. 2014PhD Student, Northeastern University
Qian GaoM.S. 2014
Diya LiM.S. 2014PhD Student, Notre Dame
Michael CrumpM.S. 2014PhD, The University of Washington
Ryan MurrayM.S. 2013PhD Student University of Florida
Zhenyang XiaM.S. 2013PhD Student University of Wisconsin
Sara EngbergM.S. 2013PhD Student Technical University of Denmark
Billie Haipeng LiM.S. 2013PhD Student UC Davis
Nathaniel BerryM.S. 2013
Leo Tianshou ZhaoM.S. 2012PhD Student University of Pennsylvania
Christian FugloeM.S. 2012TrexQuant in Stamford, CT
Carina Ting-Chih WangM.S. 2012Universal Display Corporation
William McGillM.S. 2012
Jeff Cheng Che-ChenM.S. 2011
YuJen LinM.S. 2010Headway Technologies
Lingyan ZhaoM.S. 2010KLA Tencor
I-Ying ChenM.S. 2009TSMC
Kewei LiuM.S. 2009Faculty Member, Drexel University
Jiaqi TangM.S. 2009PhD Student Delft University of Technology
Saurabh MadaanM.S. 2008Google

Undergraduate and Senior Design Students

NameDegree EarnedLocation
Winston PelosoB.S. 2023Thouron Scholar at the University of Cambridge
Jiaxiao Gabriel ZhangB.S. 2023
Ben GrauB.S. 2019PhD Student, University of Chicago
Elizabeth DresselhausB.S. 2017Fulbright Scholar, Leiden University
Carl RuijterB.S. 2016
Hannah WelshMaastricht Science Programme 2015
Matt McPhailB.S. 2015PhD Student, UC Berkeley
Francisco LeeB.S. 2015MP&P Engineer, Boeing
Emily GurniakB.S. 2015PhD, University of Michigan
Devika MehtaB.A. 2015PhD Student, UT Austin
Kevin FritzB.S. 2014PhD Student, Cornell
Tim LongB.S. 2013
PhD Student Cornell Unversity
Silvia ChanB.S. 2012PhD Student, University of California, Santa Barbara
Scott JuangB.S. 2010 & M.S. 2011Accenture San Jose
Tarun R. VemulkarB.S. 2010 & M.S. 2010PhD Student, Cambridge University
Nathan LeeB.S. 2010PhD Student, MIT
Hal EmmerB.S. 2009PhD Student, CalTech
Kunal RaiB.S. 2009Houston, TX
Robin HavenerB.S. 2008PhD Student, Cornell University

Research Education Students and Teachers

Caroline BrustoloniREU Summer 2022
Penn State University
Penn State University
Cody KillinsREU Summer 2022
Fort Lewis College
Fort Lewis College
Charlotte BillingsleyREU Summer 2022
Adebusayo KoladeREU Summer 2021
New Jersey Institute of Technology
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Adam LoweryREU Summer 2011
Cornell University
Cornell University
Brian HelferREU Summer 2010
University of Connecticut
University of Pennsylvania
Melissa DavilaREU Summer 2010
University of Puerto Rico, Humacao
University of Puerto Rico, Humacao
Emanuel KrantzREU Summer 2008 & 2009
Bard College
Accenture – San Francisco
Hank BinkREU Summer 2009
Lafayette College
University of Pennsylvania
Leslie FarrellRET Summer 2009New Media Technology High School

Visiting Scientists

Josee Vedrine-PauleusUniversity of Puerto Rico, Humacao Visiting Professor 2010University of Puerto Rico, Humacao
Paula ClarkAir Products & Chemicals Visiting Scientist 2009Muhlenberg College