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Comparison of the Energy-level Alignment of Thiolate- and Carbodithiolate-Bound Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold, Philip Schulz, Christopher D. Zangmeister, Yi-Lei Zhao, Paul R. Frail, Sangameshwar R. Saudari, Carlos A. Gonzalez, Cherie R. Kagan, Matthias Wuttig, and Roger D. van Zee, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114 (48), 2084320851, (2010)

Device Configurations for Ambipolar Transport in Flexible, Pentacene Transistors, Sangameshwar Rao Saudari, Yu Jen Lin, Yuming Lai and Cherie R. Kagan, Advanced Materials, 44, 5063-5068, (2010)

Small-Molecule Thiophene-C60 Dyads As Compatibilizers in Inverted Polymer Solar Cells, Jong Bok Kim, Kathryn Allen, Soong Ju Oh, Stephanie Lee, Michael F. Toney, Youn Sang Kim, Cherie R. Kagan, Colin Nuckolls, and Yueh-Lin Loo, Chemistry of Materials, 22 (20), pp 57625773 (2010)

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