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“The Role of Chemical Contacts in Molecular Conductance,” N. D. Lang, C. R. Kagan, Nano Letters, 6, 2955 (2006).

“Enforced One-Dimensional Photoconductivity in Core-Cladding Hexabenzocorenenes,” Y. S. Cohen, S. Xiao, C. Nuckolls, C. R. Kagan, Nano Letters, 6, 2838 (2006).

“Organic and Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Molecular Devices,” Proceedings of the 12th International Micromachine/Nanotech Symposium, 31 (2006).

“Device Scaling in Sub-100 nm Pentacene FETs,” G. S. Tulevski, A. Afzali, T. O Graham, C. Nuckolls, C. R. Kagan, Applied Physics Letters, 89, 183101 (2006).

“Chemical Complementarity in the Contacts for Nanoscale Organic Field-Effect Transistors,” G. S. Tulevski, Q. Miao, A. Afzali, T. O. Graham, C. R. Kagan, C. Nuckolls, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128, 1788 (2006).

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