Cherie R Kagan Research Group

Electrical and Systems Engineering - Chemistry - Materials Science and Engineering



“Self-assembly and Oligomerization of Alkyne-Terminated Molecules on Metal and Oxide Surfaces,” L. Vyklicky, A. Afzali, C. R. Kagan, Langmuir, 21, 11574 (2005).

“Operational and Environmental Stability of Pentacene Thin Film Transistors,” C. R. Kagan, A. Afzali, T. O. Graham, Applied Physics Letters, 86, 193505 (2005).

“N-Sulfinylcarbamate-Pentacene Adduct; a Novel Pentacene Precursor Soluble in Alcohols,” A. Afzali, C. R. Kagan, G. Traub, Synthetic Metals, 155, 490 (2005).

“Electrostatic Field and Partial Fermi Level Pinning at the Pentacene-SiO2 Interface,” L. Chen, R. Ludeke, X. Cui, A. G. Schrott, C. R. Kagan, L. E. Brus, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 109, 1834 (2005).

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