Cherie R Kagan Research Group

Electrical and Systems Engineering - Chemistry - Materials Science and Engineering



“Molecular Transport Junctions: An Introduction,” C. R. Kagan, M. A. Ratner, MRS Bulletin, edited by C. R. Kagan, M. A. Ratner, 29, 376 (2004).

“Direct Assembly of Organic Semiconductors on Gate Oxides,” G. S. Tulevski, Q. Miao, M. Fukuto, R. Abram, B. Ocko, R. Pindak, C. R. Kagan, C. Nuckolls, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 126, 15048 (2004).

“Understanding the Molecular Transistor,” P. Solomon, C. R. Kagan in Future Trends in Microelectronics: The Nano, the Giga, and the Ultra, edited by S. Luryi, J. Xu, A. Zaslavsky, Wiley, NY (2004), p.168.

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