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“Evaluations and Considerations for Self-Assembled Monolayer Field-Effect Transistors,” C. R. Kagan, A. Afzali, R. Martel, L. M. Gignac, P. M. Solomon, A. Schrott, B. Ek, Nano Letters, 3, 119 (2003).

“Layer-by-Layer Growth of Metal-Metal Bonded Supramolecular Thin Films and Its Use in the Fabrication of Lateral Nanoscale Devices,” C. Lin and C. R. Kagan, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 125, 336 (2003).

“Organic-Inorganic Thin Film Transistors,” D. B. Mitzi, C. R. Kagan in Thin Film Transistors, edited by C. R. Kagan, P. S. Andry, Marcell-Dekker, NY, (2003), p. 475.

“Charge Transport on the Nanoscale,” D. Adams, L. Brus, C. E. D. Chidsey, S. Creager, C. Creutz, C. R. Kagan, P. Kamat, M. Lieberman, S. Lindsay, R. A. Marcus, R. M. Metzger, M. E. Michel-Beyerle, J. R. Miller, M. D. Newton, D. R. Rolison, O. Sankey, K. S. Schanze, J. Yardley, X. Zhu, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 107, 6668 (2003).

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