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Nanocrystal Transport

Nanocrystal assemblies have been coined “artificial solids.” Charge injection and transport is of fundamental interest, to understand the cooperative interactions that develop and the delocalization of quantum confined electronic wavefunctions as nanocrystal building blocks are brought into increasingly strong coupling in the solid state. Transport studies are also of technological importance, as semiconductor nanocrystals are promising for a range of electronic, optoelectronic and thermoelectric applications. In the Kagan group, we use a wide range of electronic and optical spectroscopies to probe the nature and evolution of charge transport in nanocrystal thin films as we use ligand exchange chemistries, to control the interparticle distance and the strength of electronic coupling, and surface chemical modification, to passivate surface states and dope the nanocrystal thin films.

Extended State Transport in Nanocrystal FETs
Stoichiometric Control of Carrier Statistics

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