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Surface Chemistry of Nanocrystals

The surface chemistry of nanocrystals is key to their synthesis, colloidal dispersion, assembly, and physical properties. As-synthesized many nanocrystal materials are sterically stabilized by long chain organic ligands and in compound materials the nanocrystals are often non-stoichiometric, commonly modeled by a stoichiometric core and a surface enriched in one element. In the Kagan group, we explore the exchange of the long ligands used in synthesis with new, compact ligands and chemical and physical methods to control the composition of atoms at the surface. These compact ligand chemistries allow for strong coupling of nanocrystals in the solid state and the introduction of atoms at the nanocrystal surface is used to control nanocrystal doping and passivation, important for their applications.

Thiocyanate-based Ligand Exchange
Stoichiometric Control of Surface Chemistry
Post-Synthesis Colloidal ALD Control

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